Friday, September 4, 2009

Doing something new and learning something autonomously: Baking

Back from the university, because I had been working in some tasks, I read on my Virtual Sabana "Make cookies for tomorrow." What? Make cookies? I've never done that, and even if I knew, I have no Oven, just a Microwave! Too bad I'm not doing anything for tomorrow.

As I get to my apartment, I open again the link about the cookies, and I say... Lets see what can I do!!! I google Microwave Cookies, I read the ingredients, I call my local store, they bring what I need and all the sudden there I am making cookies!! What? Cream butter? how do I do that? I YouTube cream butter and I get what to do!! Then I try and I burn, I try and they are not cooked, I try again and my classmates like my cookies!!! Horray!!!!

I wonder what I could have done, or if I would have done anything if I hadn't had internet?...

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