Friday, September 4, 2009

Appealing my learners' styles!

Last year after I tested my students in order to know their learning styles (with this website:, I wanted to get them in contact with baroque music. We listened to a beautiful piece by Bach, and in order to do this I asked the visual learners to watch the shape of the musical piece by looking at a video I found in youtube. The aural learners were asked to close their eyes and enjoy the music in silence, and the kinesthetic learners were asked to move to the music in a a way that they wouldn't disturb the students. The results were great, not one of them complained about this ancient music, and they enjoyed it a lot.

The previous year I tried to get a different class in contact with this music, I talked about the Baroque music, its composers, and allow them to hear different pieces by Bach, and I had a lot of negative comments about it. The students got bored and had negative feelings about the music. This proved to me that the way we perceive the world based on our learning styles has an impact on our opinion.

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